Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Oak Class

Oak class is taught by Mrs Marris on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Miss Brinkley on Friday with the invaluable help of Mrs Attwell.



We had such a great week at Broadstone Warren. the sun was shining and the woods were beautiful. we saw so much wildlife and learnt so much, from how to build shelters and how to work as a team, to whether we could make a leap of faith or abseil. The whole week we ate lovely food and played with our friends. Take a look at the photos on the Year 6 page.



Well firstly we need to tell you HOW EXCITED WE ARE ABOUT BROADSTONE WARREN NEXT WEEK! But that aside, we have been busy with data handling in Maths, including learning the mean, which is a way to work out the average. Some of us found it quite hard but we've had lots of practice now.

As a year group we all performed our poem Casseopoeia to the school. They loved it and clapped very loudly. They especially liked Luca's costume!

Then today we had Art. Ms Brinkley got a bit (well a lot) stressed because everyone was covered in glitter and our cards looked very interesting... But by the end of the lesson they all looked great!



In Maths we drew some line graphs, pie charts and bar charts about the food that we need to order for Broadstone Warren. In P.E. we have played which was fun and gave us the opportunity to practise our pivoting skills. Pivoting iswhen you spin on one foot so that you can pass the ball in a different direction. This is so that you do not break the travelling rule.

During Art we learnt about the ancient Greek alphabet. Did you know that the word alphabet comes from alpha, beta? We all wrote our names in Ancient Greek.

Today we had our first SPaG lessons in groups where we learnt how to use commas correctly in sentences. This will happen every Friday. We have also been writing a description of the Minotaur in which we described his body parts using expanded noun phrases and prepositions!



 This week week was fun with our new teachers ms Brinkley and Mrs Marris. We had many quizzes and they were very hard. Ms Brinkley said you will be ready for this trust me. We had some fun  in a cool sociology class . By Drew

 We have had a busy first week back in school! From netball to Aristotle, and semi colons to Ancient Greek key patterns, we have been learning in all subjects whilst getting to know our way around Year 6. Lots of us have been allocated jobs to do now that we are top of the school. We are sure there is always lots to do in Year 6!