Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Elm Class

Elm Class is taught by Miss Lewington with the invaluable help of Ms Attwell. 



This week in PE we practiced our cross country run and the we played a game of dodge ball. In English we have been writing our Broadstone Warren thank you letter. In music we have been making up rhythms to do with Greece. In maths we have been doing shapes and Radius and Diameter. In SPAG we were looking at commas, brackets and dash. In ICT we have been doing our game and we have been using sound and pictures. Last week we were at Broadstone Warren, and some of the activities were zip wire and that was super super fun. Rafting that was very fun we got to know how to do a cloth hitch knot, figure of eight and a reef knot. Riffle shooting was really fun because we got to shoot our own target and see what we get. Abseiling was so much fun we got palled down to the bottom.

By Brooke and Bradley


This week has been very fun and very busy!

  In English, we have done a lot, at the start of the week we published our Minotaur descriptions and presented them amazingly. Later this week we have been deciding what to put on or English wall, along with the folders, to help us learn.

In Maths we have been doing mean, mean means estimate and you get a mean by adding numbers together and then dividing them mean mean mean mean mean mean mean mean. Also we have been planning how to make food (like spaghetti bolognese) this means a lot of adding and subtracting. MEANS TAKE OVER! ( only in maths).

In D&T we made our coloflour cards for Christmas (in September) we were making colages of ball balls on a tree. 

By Cerys and Maurice



We have had a busy first week back in school! From netball to Aristotle, and semi colons to Ancient Greek key patterns, we have been learning in all subjects whilst getting to know our way around Year 6. Lots of us have been allocated jobs to do now that we are top of the school. We are sure there is always lots to do in Year 6!