Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Elm Class

Elm Class is taught by Miss Lewington with the invaluable help of Ms Attwell, Mrs Nurse.


This week in Math,s we learned place value and we learned where to place our numbers in the place value charts. 

Since it's the first week, there have been no tests and we have labels on things we have claimed to be ours. We have learned how most things work and feel like Year 6 is not so scary. Even though we have some tests next week, the teachers tell us there is no pressure and we should just have a go. It doesn't matter what our score is, it's what we do to improve it that counts. 

By Darcie and Hollie



This week has been SATs week!

On Monday we did two tests. First we did punctuation and grammar and then we did a spelling test. On Tuesday we only did one test which was reading. On Wednesday we also did two tests; the Arithmetic and Maths reasoning one. On Thursday we did our final test which was Maths reasoning two.

As we finished all the tests + did all the prep, the teachers treated us to ice-cream , a trip to the local park and they also let us have a non-school uniform day today. On top of all of this we were allowed to have free time most afternoons during this week and were provided with toast or cereal every morning if we wanted. Today we had an extra special breakfast which included either a bacon or sausage/ vegesausage sandwiches. 

By Clea and Jeya 

This week we have been getting ready for SATs!

In English we have been writing our leaflets about ragpickers.  

In Maths we have been working on our roman numerals and shapes (2D and 3D) to get us ready for our maths paper.

In SPAG we have been working on the last touches to get our brain ready for the week of SATs.

In guided reading we have been working on 3 pointer and 2 pointer question. Some of us have been doing  SATs so we know what it will be like for when we do them.  Also, we have learnt a lot more about ragpickers, some of us have finished the Trash book. 

In P.E we've done some more athletics. In athletics we done some sprinting- we timed each other.

In Music we've done some more stomp. We got in our groups and make our own stomp.

By Brooke and Molly








 This week we have had  jam-packed days of work and fun.

In English we have started are leaflets about the formal and informal waste disposal in India.We have just finished our biography's

about our made up ragpicker.

 In maths we have been revising for SATS.

In guided reading we have just finished a book called Trash which is about a ragpicker boy called Velu.

By the amazing Clea and the future Gordon Ramsey,Amber



In the second week back, we have...

Art: In art this week, we have started learning how to draw Indian patterns called mandalas!

It is very fun and at the end it looks a bit like a flower.

English: In English we have started to learn about rag pickers and we are all making one up to write a biography about.

Maths:  In maths, we have been doing long and short division and multiplication including word probloms! 

We have been doing lots of prepairing for SATS which has been a bit hard but we have managed brilliantly!!!


PS. Miss Lewington is Awesome!!!!!!! (she told me to write that)


By Marcy

 This term we are learning about India. This week we have only had  two days but it was still as busy as ever. In English we looked through a bag belonging to a rag-picker, now we are planning a biography about him. In P.E. we practiced standing long jumps for athletics. Also, we have been learning tactics for sats reading papers. Its great to be back!
           -Ivy & Mia  = )


This week we were writing a story about Rose Blanche(a character in a German family during ww2). We had lots of fun in P.E. as we were learning a jive for our ww2 fab finish! Then in maths we all enjoyed area of triangles


This week we did diary writing pretending we were a child in world war 2. We started learning about letter writing. In maths we have been learning about measurements. We learnt about rationing and cheese soup. In P.E. we learnt the jive.

In Music, we were learning about George Formby.

By Molly



Today in Elm, as part of RE week, we have been sketching angels with our talk partners in art; after we printed them on polystyrene. On Thursday, we had the Christmas concert and sang beautifully! On Wednesday, we looked at different Annunciation pictures and looked at the symbols in them.We enjoyed a lovely violin concert on Tuesday, also. Finally, on Monday we searched the history of angels on the computer and made up a poster about them.     

 Jesse & Peter

This week we painted our Olympic shaped sculptures metallic colours : rose gold and gold.

We have been doing lots of tests like maths, SPAG and English and it was really hard but it got easier.
In English we wrote a Greek myth and we just started to edit it on Friday.


This week was busy!

We finished loads of our work: our stories [not all of us ] and our myth top trumps.

In Maths, we started doing long division and short division - it was really difficult.

In P.E, some of us did Cross Country. We are doing athletics, in which some of us will get to compete in Withdean Indoor Athletics.

In Music, we all did our Christmas songs for the concert. Some of us are in the Choir and will preform at the Conference Centre.

In English, we started doing our own myths.

In French, we learnt words to do with the beach.

 In PSHE, we came up with slogans for t-shirts against racism, sexism ect.

Dear Reader

We started on Monday with doing a few jobs to get ready for this half term and we also had a talk about secondary school people from BACA came in to convinces us and encoredge us to pick that school. Tuesday was  normal except it was Halloween and most people were exited. We started the day with guided reading and Ms Attwell taut us some Halloween words in french. On Wednesday we did more cross country in P.E and in music we started are chrismas songs for are concert. Some of Y5/6 have started to practice for the Brighton and hove children concert.On Thursday we had a exiting Y6 raffel for our achievement points.                    

By Jeya and Isabel


This week in PE we practiced our cross country run and the we played a game of dodge ball. In English we have been writing our Broadstone Warren thank you letter. In music we have been making up rhymes to do with Greece. In maths we have been doing shapes and Radius and Diameter. In SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) we were looking at commas, brackets and dashes. In ICT we have been doing our game and we have been using sound and pictures. Last week we were at Broadstone Warren, and some of the activities were zip wire and that was super super fun. Rafting -  that was very fun we got to know how to do a cloth hitch knot, figure of eight and a reef knot. Riffle shooting was really fun because we got to shoot our own target and see what we get. Abseiling was so much fun we got pulled down to the bottom.

By Brooke and Bradley


This week has been very fun and very busy!

  In English, we have done a lot, at the start of the week we published our Minotaur descriptions and presented them amazingly. Later this week we have been deciding what to put on or English wall, along with the folders, to help us learn.

In Maths we have been doing mean, mean means estimate and you get a mean by adding numbers together and then dividing them mean mean mean mean mean mean mean mean. Also we have been planning how to make food (like spaghetti bolognese) this means a lot of adding and subtracting. MEANS TAKE OVER! ( only in maths).

In D&T we made our coloflour cards for Christmas (in September) we were making colages of ball balls on a tree. 

By Cerys and Maurice

 We have had a busy first week back in school! From netball to Aristotle, and semi colons to Ancient Greek key patterns, we have been learning in all subjects whilst getting to know our way around Year 6. Lots of us have been allocated jobs to do now that we are top of the school. We are sure there is always lots to do in Year 6!