Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Cherry Class

MAY 2018 


Today we talked in PSHE about things we can do to help ourselves feel safe. I said if I'm telling a joke in front of the class we could fiddle with our fingers. If we need to handle a big, hairy spider, we could wear gloves. If we want to cycle down a long, steep hill, we could put the brakes on when we reach the bottom.


If I'm telling a joke in front of the class, I could fiddle with my t-shirt. If I need to pick up a big, hairy spider, I could close my eyes. If I'm going fast down a steep hill I could keep my hands on the brakes.



This week I learned what a hyphen is! I also learned the difference between countries and continents. I can now divide better thanks to the maths test. I would like to improve my handwriting. 


This week in English we were learning about poems and we wrote our own poem. Mine was called E Tiger. It was an acrostic poem. In P.E. me and Darcie created a dance routine about rainforests' weather patterns. My  favourite move is a cartwheel. I learned how to do cartwheels in the autumn and I can still do them now! 


This week in PE we had a great time learning athletics.We did standing long jump. Also in maths we did adding and subtracting decimals. Everyone went to the green zone to work independently.


In English we are writing figurative language in our poems. We all are practising using powerful words to add in our poems. Today we went to the library and it was really fun and calm for us. In music we have taken ukuleles home to practise and play with. We are doing guided reading and that is also fun because our groups each have rainforest animal names and that is linked on to our English lesson. Some of us have joined a new drama club to make some of us more confident so our teacher picked the shy ones to get more confident.

APRIL 2018


In maths I learned decimals and I got a rainbow sticker. I did a lot of work in maths and I chose to work in the green zone for the first time ever! I need to get better at writing quickly in maths. In English I learned poems and we watched two videos of the poems. We chose which poem is better and I chose the poem from the girl Bothlale Boikanyo.


This week was brilliant! In maths we did decimals and decimal addition. In English we did poetry and we are learning about the rainforest and I love it. Yesterday we went with 3 Into University people and we learned a lot. We learned you could go to different universities. In art we have been learning a lot about a famous artist Henri Rousseau and the only person who liked his art was Pablo Picasso. You can tell we learned a lot. We are in a new club at lunch, it is drama and it is so much fun. I think I'm going to try to not be shy, well to get more confident.