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Cherry Class

Cherry class is taught by Miss Lewington with the invaluable help of Mrs Nurse and Mrs Roberts.


Friday 16.06.17 by Aiden and Bobby



In maths we've done our SATS week practise . We also did a dominoes investigation.


In English we did some Grammar stuff to do with modal verbs and formal language.


We've practised playing Rounders.   




Friday 26th May 2017 By Manou and Eli


This week are big picture (A:I can identify factors of numbers, B:I can identify common factors of numbers, C:I can use factors to recognise prime numbers, D:I can recall prime numbers up to 19, E:I can identify prime factors) has been prime numbers and factors.

We also created games in twos and threes to help remember which numbers are prime and which numbers are composite.


In science we have been figuring out what the ingredients are in the sea water cure, there was, fish guts, crabs eyes, fish blood, tar and of course sea water. The most efficient way to dissolve sugar into it is to warm up the water. We did this because George the IV wanted to know the most sufficient way to make the sea water cure sweeter with out his father knowing.


 In English we were planning and writing out our endings for are Brighton themed story's. We tried to add brackets () and semicolons ;

Friday 12th May 2017 by Mia and Bobby

 This week we have written our dilemmas for our Brighton based stories and we made up role plays to go with our London eye mystery story that we are reading.

  In maths we were learning all about time and converting units of time! 

We all had a third ukulele lesson and learned a new song about ice cream.

 In topic we wrote about what we thought of being dipped (we weren't actually dipped!) P.E. this week was really fun as we were continuing our athletics by practising sprinting and relay.   


Friday 5th May 2017 by Maurice:-)


We have been doing percentages of different numbers e.g: 50% of 60 = 30


We have been using the book The London Eye Mystery to develop our own stories set In Brighton!


We have been learning how to play ukulele! We have learnt the chords C and Am to  play a song called the lost tune.


We have been learning about the history of Brighton and how it got popular. There was a guy called Dr Richard Russell who created a cure called the sea water cure and Prince Regent came to take it and built the Pavilion.


Friday 28th April 2017

 In maths,

 We went on a mission to convert fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions. Then dividing and multiplying was our hardest mission yet but by the end of the lesson, the Cherries could do it.


In English, 

After are maths mission we went on to a English expedition. Writing a setting toolkit was hard work but at the end we had a grand opening for our story. Good job cherries!


In P.E,

You may be asking how do we keep are selves going? Well here is the answer: we train every  Wednesday become stronger in every way. First we do are really hard warm ups . So far we have been practising are throwing, some of us could be champions one day.


In music,

Some of are star cherries have been Invited to perform in the universes best HGT . From dancing to comedy everyone will enjoy it!!!!!!!


Friday 27th January 2017

This week we’ve done lots of exciting and educational things.


In Maths

This week in maths we have been looking at square and cube numbers Squared numbers are a number times by itself  e.g.  6 squared =36  (normally you would use a 2 for squared.)


In topic we did a demonstration about how far away are the planets using toilet paper and people.


In P.E we are beginning to learn how to use hockey sticks.

By Amber and  Georgie



Friday 6th January 2017


Happy New Year, Cherry Class! 


We have had a wonderful first week of 2017, beginning our Space topic with a focus on famous astronauts like Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong.  We found out all about them by using QR coding and reading "The Darkest Dark" by real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield.  In English, we wrote an application to NASA for a place in Space School and looked at how relative clauses can be used to add information to sentences.  In Maths, we explored 3D shapes and the nets that can be used to create a cube.  We also looked at regular and irregular polygons and the properties of rectangles.  Yesterday, Elaine from the Fire and Rescue Service came to speak to us about how to keep safe on the roads, in water and in the case of a house fire.  The children were all keen to check that the smoke alarms in their homes work and help their families to create an escape plan.


In our celebration assembly, children will learn all about WWO batons which will be coming home soon!


Friday 25th November 2016


It's been a really busy week in Cherry Class again.  In Maths, we have been learning about lines of symmetry in shapes and how to reflect and translate them.  Reflecting is when you flip a shape over a mirror line and translating is when you move the shape, but it stays the same.  In English, we have been doing plays based on the story "The Great Kapok Tree" in groups.  We know that stage directions go in brackets and you put a colon after the speaker's name.  During Music with Ms Walton we started our recordings for a BBC Sussex choir competition.  Some of our class members took part in a very cold cross-country and we were very proud of them. 


A huge congratulations to Evan who has made a huge amount of progress in his Reading this term and was given the Child of the Week certificate.



Friday 18th November 2016


The children of Cherry Class have had an extremely enjoyable week as we marked Anti-Bullying week with a range of fun and interesting activities to help them understand what bullying is and the strategies that they can use to stop behaviour that upsets them.  Using the hilarious animation "For the Birds", the children explored, through very mature and thoughtful discussion and reflections, the difference between banter, teasing, mean moments and conflict and what bullying truly is.  A highlight for many was the opportunity to see a mediation in action where a trusted adult acts as a mediator to help two children in conflict learn about the other's perspective so that they can both feel better and move on.


Maths was super challenging this week as they got their hands on the class protractors!  Learning how to measure and draw angles, they all showed excellent Tommy the Tortoise perseverance and have made great progress.


Finally, I would like to say a massive congratulations to Brooke who is this week's Child of the Week for the fantastic improvement in her reading.



Friday 4th November 2016


Despite being a short week, it has been all go in Cherry.  As weel as leanring all about tables and timetables in Maths and finishing their fantastic explanations about their own "rainimals" in English, the children developed their design technology skills by exploring how cam mechanisms work.  Using this understanding, they worked successfully in WWO groups across the year group to make a moving animal toy.  They are amazing!


In addition, we ended the week with a visit from Lucy who works for the Sensory Needs Service who came to talk to us about Visual Impairment.  I was so proud to be Cherry's teacher as they listen attentively, asked great questions and thought carefully about life as a visually impared child.  Bradley helped us all to understand his thoughts and feelings and the rest of the class responded enthusiastically to an opportunity for them to work in a structured play group this half term to learn how in be inclusive of peers with VI.


Congratulations to this week's Child of the Week, Eli.  He did some brilliant writing and worked diligently to proof read it to make sure the end result was the very best it could be.  Well done, Eli!


See you on Monday, folks!


Friday 7th October 2016


This week, Bradley is helping me write the blog.  He says:


My favourite part of the week was when we made our flowers.  I rolled out playdough to make the petals and then joined them all together. 


The other children used pastels to belnd and smudge the colour showing the detail of what they saw.  All of the artwork will be added to our display in the classroom soon.


It has been a big week looking at subtraction methods and explanations.  All the children have been really focussed and feel like they have made progress with the calcuating.  Congratulations to Jamie who received Child of the Week due to his perseverence and focus to secure the tricky method of exchanging in subtraction.


See you on Monday!


Miss Tyson


Friday 30th September 2016


What a busy week we have had!  Cherry class have revised methods of addition; danced like rainforest animals; created rainforest leaves by blending and smudging pastels; picked up the rules of netball and used the Scratch programme to make a game.


However, the highlight of our week was the Rap & Rhyme performance organised by Ms Walton, which included an hour's worth of fantastic poetry and rap.  It was a great way to end a week which we had spent writing poems of our own.  This is what Cherry class came up with together.


The Treefrog


With lime-green, camouflaged skin as colourful as a rainbow


And fast, freckled feet jumping joyfully around a rushing waterfall


Bright. bulging eyes watching out for sneaky predators


Whipping tongue, slippery and slimy in the moist jungle air


Hopping happily from leaf to leaf as light as a feather


Joking jester of the canopy.


We have also finished our own individual poems about rainforest animals which we will look forward to sharing with you on parents evening.


Huge congratulations to Jesse who is this week's child of the week for a huge improvement in focus.


Coming home today are the stunning Christmas Cards that we designed, so please look out for them.


Have a great weekend,


Miss Tyson

Friday 23rd September 2016


This week, our focus on poetry continued as we looked at the focus text - The Jungle Song.  We practised our performance skills to read it together and learnt about poetic features, the use of hyphens and expanded noun phrases which we are very much looking forward to incorporating into the poems we write next week.


In Maths, the children have really impressed us with the prior learning and desire to be challenged as we looked at reading, writing, ordering and rounding numbers.  I have also introduced them to a few Maths games we like to play in Year 5 which were well received.


Elsewhere in the curriculum, the children explored the different vegetation belts and the kind of plats that would be found in the rainforest.


I have also taught the children how to be self and peer assessors, which is a crucial part of their learning as they move into upper juniors.  They have been brilliant at giving each other praise and feedback and I wouldn't be surprised if we had some budding teachers amongst them!


A huge congratulations to Isabel who is Cherry's Child of the Week for being such a kind and conscientious member of the class and beginning to push herself to ask questions and take risks.  I am very proud of you!


Have a wonderful weekend,


Miss Tyson


Friday 16th September 2016


During our first week and a half back I have had a lovely time getting to know the members of Cherry class and cracking on with our learning.  I have been really impressed by the enthusiasm the children have shown, particularly with our topic - The Rainforest.


Last week, we had a great time taking part in a range of getting to know you activities and focussed on the crucial WWO skill of "Knowing and Using Names".  The class favourite was an activity called "Set up a meeting", which they did brilliantly with.  The highlight of the week was when we were visited by Brian (the giant African land snail), Legless (the baby giant millipede), Albie (the rat), Elsa (the tarantula) and, my personal favourite, Logan (the corn snake).  I was so proud of all the class who were excited to meet the animals and asked Hanna, their keeper, lots of interesting questions.


This week, we have continued to develop our geographical skills learning about biomes and climates and discussed the way artist Henri Rousseau painted the rainforest.  Cherry class have been very keen to read and discuss poems and are looking forward to studying more and writing their own in the next couple of weeks.


Finally, I'd like to say a huge congratulations to Amber who was named Child of the Week due to her confident and positive start to Year 5


It has been a pleasure to get to know the children and begin to meet the parents.  I hope over the next few weeks I'll be able to introduce myself to all the mums and dads.  I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!


Best wishes,


Miss Tyson