Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Ash class

Ash class is taught by Mrs O through the week and Ms Brinkley on Fridays, with the wonderful help of Ms Robson!


This week we did netball. During netball we had a match. With Ms Martin we did sport bingo. In sport bingo we had a sheet with different sports on them. When she called out  a sport that we had, we crossed it off and we did the sport.If we didn't have it we would have to run.


We also did art this week, in art we  marbled our planets to follow our plan.  We made our cauliflower cards  out of cold tea music sheets and coloured paper.

By Ollie, Pearl and Ziva.


We have had a week of being very responsible! Year 6 have been at Broadstone Warren and that meant we did all of the Year 6 jobs, including putting out benches, recycling, register deliveries and other things.

As well as that we have been brushing up our addition and subtraction skills, increasing them to 4 digits. Then we discussed how to read a word problem, so by Friday we were all able to solve a whole page of mixed problems.

Most of us have now finished our news reports. They are absolutely great - Mrs O thinks that some of us might be journalists when we are older!


Ash Class


On Monday we went on the computers and we did google sketch up with our learning partner. We made cool scultures of buildings and things of what Mrs O said to do. On Wednesday we did our posters about the different planets in space and we presented them to our class. In P.E we did netball against the bibs and non bibs with the class.


By Mia, Luca and Arbi.





Well it has been a very strange week here in ash Class...

we discovered a U.F.O. (or at least we think it is) on the field. It is a bog metal thing which is rusty and it was making a strange noise! We headed back into our classroom and immediately started researching U.F.O.s and write headlines for what had happened. More details to follow soon...

We have also been learning some of the rules of netball. we had a great game today; the score was 2-1. Close!




We are the new Ash Class and we've only been here for three days this week.

We have done a lot of W.W.O. games this week because we are trying to learn each other's names and get to know each other. It has been fun. W.W.O. stands for Working With Others and we do it at Hertford Juniors so that we improve our teamwork skills and social skills.

We've done lots of exciting maths on Place Value and we have written an animal poem too.

Some adjectives for the week are:


exciting, normal, fun, nice, okay, a relief!

By Ash Class