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Ash class

Ash class is taught by Mrs O'Flaherty and Ms Bowman with the invaluable help of Mrs Nurse and Mrs Roberts.


This week has been great! It is also our last week. in year 5 

In English, we have been writing our poems up in neat and rehearsing them ready to record on an iPad. We have also have  done illustrations for them and filmed them as part of a performance for our topic share/fabulous finish!

In maths, we have been doing adding, subtracting, multiplication and division word problems we have also started making our own word problems. In addition, we have also been adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions to help us make our own game.

In P.E we have been practising rounders because we are going to be taking part in rounders competiton against the other year 5 class on Monday. I hope we win - so does Mrs O as she has won this annual match for the last 7 years!

In music, we drew instruments and placed them in a section of the orcestra where we thought they went - it was fun.

Hope you have a really good summer!

By Luca and Ruby!



This week was really fun!

In English we have planned and written our own poem. We have been looking at a poem called The Sea which uses lots of figurative language. We then used these ideas to write our own poems.

In maths we have been working on our times tables to help us figure out big multiplucation problems - we nailed it, yes!!! We've also cracked our 7 times tables in order, randomly and backwards!!

In PE, we practisted our rounders skills ready to crush Cherry Class in an inter year group match - "they're going down!".

In Music, we learnt about the famous conductor Batoven du du du DUU!!.

In topic, we have been learning about coastal features and erosion.

The day has finally come - our reports are going out today noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hyperbole)#DEAD

Well done child of the week, who is...

BY Freddie & Drew : )



This week was really busy!!

This week we went to the University of Brighton for a taster day. We did loads of activities and learnt about what it's like to be a student. It was really FUN, we got to see that places they live, have a tour, join in some lectures and actually graduated at the end!

In PE, we did rounders with Miss Martin and it was real fun and epic.

In English, we had a debate about whether railways should come to Brighthelmstone - it was great.

In music, some of us rehearsed our Hertford's Got Talent piece for the show and next Wednesday. We also have a ukelele assembly coming up so and are starting to rehearse for that too. It is so much fun when you get in the routine just right.

In maths we had a "SATS" style questions to answer tohelp us with the real thing and test our skills. We also worked with to try and find out which dominoes could be missing form a full set if 4 were lost which had 43 spots -we had to work systematicaly -  it was really hard!!

In topic, we learnt all about the railways and how they affected people like farmers, fishermen and their wives, stage coach drivers. railway operators, dippers, builders etc. We then played one of those characters in role, had a town meeting and began writing a diary (in role0 as one of the people - it was good. 





This week was great!!!

In Maths ,we leartn how to find percentages and fractions of quantities. So today we were able to use all that knowledge to figure out some tricky word problems.

In English, we wrote our opening and build-up for our mystery stories with settings of famous Brighton landmarks. We're reading a book called the London Eye Mystery which has all given us so much inspiration.

In Topic, we looked at a famous person called Dr. Richard Russell. We read about his famous sea cure, we asked some questions then read a report and figured out some of the answers to our questions. We learnt loads about his sea cure and how it made Brighton a buzzy city.

In P.E we practised our long jumps, tried to beat our personal best and also did a bit of relay racing as well.

In Music we had our ukelele lesson and learned some new songs and chords. All of ash class are loving their ukelele lessons.

Ash class are also loving our Topic Piers to Pavilion and are excited about what will happen next!!!

By Marnie and Louie!!!



This week was really fun!!!!

In English, we have started writing an opening for a mystery story using a good setting, imagery and explanded noun phrases.

In maths, we were have been converting fractionons to decimals and percentages. We also played a matching card game of it - it was fun and we learnt loads.

In our new topic Piers to pavilions, we were looking at some maps and we had to find different regions around the Uk and in the South East.

We also started Soundmakers and got to play a uklele. We played different cords and got to learn a song too - it was great.

In P.E we are learnig throwing skills for a athletics team event. Luca and Madeena did the best at it but evreyone did really well too - amazing.

Have a good long weekend

Madeena and Charlie


Wow this week has been really fun!!!

In English, we have done a writing test were we had to write a letter to are local MP saying why we should put a limit on TV.

In Maths we have been mastering capacity,volume and the conversion between the two. We also tackled some word problems and conversions between imperial and metric units - tricky!

In topic, we have been preparing for our space museum/Fab finish.We have mainly been finishing and decorating our topic work.

ICT was fun because we have been using Google Sketch-up to design our space museum.We have already included pictures,stands,statues and models.

Today we have had a amazingly fun pyjama/dressing up day.We were asked to dress up as our faviorite book character and bring in our faviorite bedtime story it has beed a great day!.





This week has been very hard as we've been doing lots of math tests! We also did a reading test which was quite tricky. 

In PE this week, we played a variety of rugby games which were great fun.

In music, we played lots of samba instruments and we were also playing to a beat - cool.

In Engiish, we finished off our leaflets and improved our topic books by making them bright and colourful. 

However, the best thing about this week was when we got to make moon buggies for the whole day! We designed, made and tested our buggies and really enjoyed every minute!


Have a good week

Ash class


This week was very hard!


In maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide by 1000 to convert units of weight. Today we used this understandning to solve some word problems. It was tricky but we have learnt a lot!


In English, we are finishing off our leaflets which we hope will persuade our parents to come and enjoy our fabulous finish on Tuesday 28th March 6.30pm til 8pm.


In science, we made some pop rockets and investigated what happens when we put differnet liquids and solids together. We used coke, vinegar and lemon juice with either mentos, baking powder or bicarbonate of soda which was fun and often EXPLOSIVE too. The best combination was lemon juice and baking powder. It hit the roof of our classroom, bounced back on the floor and up again - some of us got wet - and smell of vinegar!


Sorry Jodie the carpet is a little messy!


Have a great weekend.





This week we have had a very hard week! Mrs O is finally back after being off for two weeks and as we have had a supply teacher for all that time we have not written a blog for ages!. Howver, it's all back to normal now - brilliant! In maths, we have been measuring angles (the amount of turn - quarter, half and full) and calculating angles on a straight line, e.g. 180 degrees and 360 degrees and also drawing angles. We have been making up our own non-chronological reports about an imaginery planet which we are now about to publish in an A3 book. Some of us haven`t finished our Space Story yet so we need to catch up on that after half-term. In addition, we have been sewing, weaving and knitting on to our textile planets which we started by marbelling a two colour background on four weeks ago - they are going to look stunning. In PE, we have started playing quick-sticks hockey matches in teams which we found really fun. In Music, we have been using Garage Band to make our own music using different techniques - they all sound amazing. In French, we have been learning words like Folk Music, Rock Music and more...


Have a great half-term break

By Theo and Zac



20th January 2017

This week we have been doing lots of exciting stuff.

In maths, we have been learning about the place valuse of numbers and how to round them up to a 10/100/1000/10,000/100,000/1,000,000 and solving word problems.

In English, we have been writing stories about space. They all needed an opening,build-up, dilemma, resolution and ending. We have created stories that solve a problem in space. Thay are brilliant!.

In Music we have been using Garege Band trying to make some spacey music.

In PE, we have been going indoor athletics and working on our hop-step-jumps. We are trying to make our standing long jumps better. We have also been jumping over hurdles and going through hula hoops.

In art, we have been marbling fabric ready to make our own imaginary planets.  

We've have all had a brilliant week which was made even more especially good when Matilda told us all how she had been knowing and using names as our WWWO Baton holding ambassador - such great WWO skills Matilda - well done!

Writing by Holly and Zac.



13th January 2017.

 This week was AMAZING!!!!!!

In English, we have been writing and planning our own space adventure story using relative clauses and fronted adverbials - they're going to be FAB!.

In maths, we have learnt about Roman Numeral and been looking at numbers below 0 by counting up and down between positive and negative numbers. Today, we solved some word problems involving these concepts - tricky but fun! 

In music, we have been using Garage Band and putting on music tracks to use when we compose our won.

In P.E we have carried on with our indoor athletics and 6 talented (and lucky) people have been chosen to go to BACA and represent HJS - go guys!

In topic, we have been using a green screen app and dressing up as an astronant to create our topic book covers. We have also conducted some gravity experiments including a look at how air-resistence and friction affect gravity and other forces.


Have a great weekend and enjoy any snow we may get.

by Arlie and RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!


6th January 2017!!!!

First week back!!!t

This week we were introduced to our new topic for this term which is Our Place in Space. We also did some great research about astronauts using iPads and QR codes. We used QR codes to find out who the different astronaut were and more about their life stories and adventures in space. We also wrote an application form to be the next child astranaut.


In P.E we have been doing lots of indoor athletics which was brillinat.


In maths, we have been looking at shape, perimiter and nets.


Music was fun as we got introduced to a mobile app called Garage Band - we are going to compose our own music using it - fantastic.


In Engilish, we were looking at relative clauses and more.


We also had a visitor come in, called Elaine, from the Fire and Reascue Service who talked to us about road, water and fire safety.

BY Louie and Harry



This week has been a great week.

On Monday the chior went out to the Brighton Centre to practise their singing.The rest of the class did music and PE and played a game of their choice which was bodge-ball.

On Tuesday morning, we had a rehearsal for our Fabulous Finish and in the afternoon we performed it to our parents - we know they really enjoyed finding out about the rainforests and sharing our terrific topic books.

We did our christmas concert rehearsal and the complete show on Wednesday afternoon and again on Thursday morning - they went down a storm!.Our fab music teacher Ms Walton organised our concert and taught us all of the songs. We are all extremely greatful.

Friday was very fun because we worked with Cherry Class to find out about Mayan artefacts. But mostly because we had Mrs Elliott, who we called Majesty Elliott, as the head teacher for the day. She gave us stickers for our fantastic singing, extra play for lining up brilliantly and we are very much looking forward to her version of out weekly child of the week assembly this afternoon. This unusual day is all because she is going to retire at the end of the year - we'll miss you Majesty Elliott!

By Luca and MATILDA



It's December already and it's been a very busy week!

In maths, we have been learning about multipication and how to use a formal written method to multiply one, two and three digit numbers by 1 and 2 digits.

In English, we are learning about the features of narratives and how to describe a setting, we even created our own imaginary characters and acted them out for the class - it was great fun!

In computing, we have been learning how to use inkscape and how to make shapes to create our own jungle pictures.

In PE, we have been doing indoor athletics.

SRE has also been a focus for this week - oh my!


Watch out for our Fabulous Finish on Tuesday at 2pm - all parents welcome

By Charlee and Ellie




This week was a realy fun week!

In maths, we have been reflecting shapes and finding out about lines of symmetry> we also had a test on all the maths things we have learnt since September - it was fun!

In English, we have been learning about how to plan and write play scripts and have begun writing one of our own.

In topic, we had a fake debate (argument) with the other class, we looked at pros and cons for deforestation

the people who wanted to make money and the people that want to stay alive with oxygen.

by Tian:) and Olivia:)



This week, we learnt about anti-bulling and how to solve conflict by mediation!!!

In English, we wrote an alternative ending for a film called "For the Birds"

In Maths, we studied angles by measuring, comparing,and drawingthem  with a protractor.

In computing, did some work on the computers and then got to have some free time on the computers of Friday - it was fun!

In P.E we did indoor atheletics and yoga.

In Music we were practising singing chismas songs they are great!


by Madeena and GABES










We have had an exellent week!

In English, we have been writing up some practice play scripts and performing them.

In Maths, we have been converting centimetres into metres and metres into centimetres.

In P.E we were  doing some cross country running and we had to run 5 laps around the whole grass area of the field. We also did some gymnastics where learnt some different gymnastic moves like: the arch, dish and press up, some of us even did the splits.

On Tuesday we had a day off school because the boiler broke,and it was freezing!

During Topic, we had to get into groups 5 and do different posters about the destruction of the rainforest - it was great fun.


by Harley and Aleesha



 What a busy week!


In English we were writing our explanatry texts for our ranimals which has been great fun.

Today we have been typing them up on the computers

We have also been getting used to proof readint them and marking them by ourselves.

In Maths we have been learning about how to interpret and record data - including tally charts, different graphs and timetables.

We had Ms Bowman on Friday instead of Monday because we weren't at school on Monday - so it's been an upside down week!


W/b 17.10.16

Last day of term!


In English, we have been working on our explanatory texts about our Rainimals which has been so much fun :)

In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. It was harder than we thought :(

On Tuesday, we did POND DIPPING!!!! (Louis Vickers played a bug related trick Mrs O - which was very funny) and we also did lots of art where we were drawing/painting some Rainforest animals. We did some great ones.

In topic, we did a tree data base using the animals we found in the pond e.g. Frog, Newt, Dragonfly larvae and a red Worm etc.

Have a great half-term from Flora and Charlie!!!




This week in Ash Class we had a fun week :]

On Tuesday we had no pens day. We did a lot of drama including a chicken's life cycle where we also found out that Harley is the best chicken dancer ever!

In Music, we reahearsed our poem and performed it in front of the whole. We also learnt about Dabbing!

In Maths, we learnt about decimals like 0.1 and we did some problem solving.

In English, we learnt how to use pronouns.



W/b 03/10/16


Well - its October already - how time flies when you're having as much fun as we are in Ash Class!


This week has seen us learn how to subtract by counting on using a numberline from the smallest number to the largest number and calculate how to find the differences between very large numbers - over a million in fact, using a formal written method. Some of us now feel really confident using this method whilst the rest of us are going to continue to practise until we feel the same.


In English, we began a new unit of work. We are analysing explanation texts to find out how to write one of our own. We began by playing a trading game where we had a card with a title on it that we had to explain to someone else - e.g. Why do people watch TV? or How do you brush your teeth? - we had to walk around the classroom until we met someone else and explain the process or reason from our card. Once we'd done that, we traded cards and started all over again - it was great fun. We got to play this game with the whole year group as part of a WWO session.


In fact, we have been working as a year group a lot this week, honing our WWO skills and learning lots about science and the reproductive organs of a plants as well as the life cycles of amphibians (using iPads) and mammals. Next week, we're going to find out about birds and insects.


However, the best thing about this week was dissecting a flower with our friends and annotating it with all we now know about flowers and plants We also got to take some cuttings and plant them in soil as well as sewing some seeds. We are now watching them to see how they do - watch this space for pictures!

A fantastic week.

Ash Class.




W/b 26/09/16


We have had an absolutely amazing week!

In maths, we have been learning to add 2 and 3 digit numbers mentally and have got even better at using a formal written method for adding together really big numbers (up to a million)! Some of us worked with the teacher to help us understand and then had a go independently and we were all successful. It was exciting to see how big the numbers became when they were added together! Next week its subtraction - how fantastic!


In English, we have been hard at work planning, writing and evaluating our own poems based on some of the animals that live in the rainforest and beyond. We have spent the last 2 weeks reading, analysing and performing a range of poems plus creating some super poetic sentences to show off our skills but this week, using all the poetic devices in our arsenal, we got to plan and write one of our own. We included similes, metaphors, extended noun phrases, alliteration and even some personification - they are all magnificent. On Monday, we are going to use the computers to present them - watch this space


However, the best thing about this week was today when we had a 'surprise' Poetry Extravaganza in the hall. We got to hear some amazing performance poetry, by three very good poets and a rapper. Even our very own Miss Walton entertained us with her own fanttastic poems which she performed with film accompaniments . We are all inspired!


All in all a brillinat learning experience!

Ash Class




W/b 12/09/16


We have all had a brilliant start to year 5!


We began the week learning how to calculate using our known addtion strategies and ended with solving some division problems with a few subtraction and multiplication calculations in between. We tried our very best but know that we need more practice to become master mathematicians!


In English today, we continued with our poertry appreciation and performed our favourite poems to the class using all the tips we had identified by watching others perform their poems - Michael Rosen, Brain Moses and Spike Milligan etc - it went well and we all really enjoyed it too!


In our topic work - Welcome to the Jungle - we have been finding out about the different biomes in the world and their climate zones. We now know that some biomes are hot and some are cold, some have extremes of temperature or rain and some are quite temperate. We also found out where the rainforests are in the world and saw they were all located around the Equator. We compared the rainfall and temperature in the rainforest to the ours in the UK and found out that although we have much colder temperatures, they have much more rain than us! In PE, we continued with the rainforest theme and began performing some dances about the rainforests and their animals. In art we learnt about Henri Rousseau and some of his famous rainforest paintings. They are amazing - we hope to create our own by the end of term.


However, our favourite thing so far was meeting all of the exotic animals brought into school by Zoolab last Friday - watch out for a display outside the year 5 classrooms

Ash Class