Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Ash class

Ash class is taught by Ms Woods, and Ms Brinkley on Fridays, with the invaluable help of Ms Dunlea and Mr Pearce.

We played a decimal spiral to practice how to order decimals. In science Miss Woods showed us a trick where the hot water in a bottle turned into steam then cooled and condensed. The bottle changed shape. Ben was able to describe the process to Mrs Brinkley.

 We have been practicing our Regency Dance, for the last time.

We have been making up interesting poems.


We have been imagining that we are residents of Brighton back in 1840. We travelled back in Doctor Who's tardis, and now we are thinking about whether or not Brighthelmstone should have a a railway or not. This will eventually become a piece of discussion writing.

In Maths we have finally finished fractions YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It went on FOREVER!




Well what a half term it's been for us: there has been A LOT of change but we have coped with it brilliantly!

We have had a lively debate to discuss whether we should or should not have school uniform. In fact, we had so many ideas that we ran out of time! We were not very persuasive because nobody changed their opinion! Only 5 people (all girls) agreed with school uniform.

More fractions! we have been adding fractions. Some of the fractions had different denominators, or they might have been mixed numbers or even improper fractions.

 In W.W.O. we have thought about 'Assumptions' and stereotypes. We have decided that all girls like pink and all boys love football.



(We don't actually think that at all...)




 This week in Maths, we have been working with fractions: adding, subtracting, ordering and comparing. Some of us found it a little tricky, but we all got there in the end.

 In English we have at last finished our mystery story. It felt like it took a very long time! The stories all have a character who goes missing from a landmark in Brighton...

This week in P.E. (which is now on Friday) we have started to create  a Regency dance. So far we have leant a move called the box step and we are trying to have a tall posture through ALL of our movements.

By Ash Class