Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Mulberry Class

Friday 13th October 2017

We are all a bit confused because we wrote all about our learning last week and we looked to see it on the school website and now it has gone! OOops! Maybe Mrs Barden didn't save it ;0)


This half-term we have done so much learning, not just in our lessons but also learning about our new school. 

(By Megan) Our topic has been Romans, it's called Swords and Sandals. We have learnt that Romans went in the bath all together! (By Lloyd) We learnt a lot about the Romans from Neil. (By Tahlia) He was a historian who visited our school dressed as a Roman soldier. (By Jude) He told us what it was like in the Roman army and a lot of things about Roman soldiers. He said the sword was called a gladius and that the shield was called a scutum. (By Frankie) We did lots of activities on that day and we got to put on Neil's armour and see what it was made of. (By Jacob) My favourite bit was when we were all sitting down in the hall and I could hear the jingling of his belt. When he came in and I saw thew pilum (spear) it was so cool. He told us the names of everything and we got to ask him questions. (By Grace) We learnt that the Romans went to the toilet in a little hole!  

(By Casey) We have also learnt about Iliona in English.  She was a Roman slave girl who was rich at first then she ended up an orphan and captured by pirates.  (By Annis) We wrote a diary pretending we were Iliona. It was fun because we would never really get to be a slave in real life. (By Stanley) We looked at lots of books that were non-fiction and we found out how they were different from fiction books. 

(By Isaac) I have learned about the two-sided crocodile. If there's a big number and a small number the big side of the mouth goes on that side. (By Isabel) This week we have learned about addition (adding up). (By Hunny) We have learned three ways to add. One is the column method. The digits always have to go in the right column. (By Callum) The other two methods are jottings and numberlines. (By Blake) In maths, I used some base ten to help me to add up the hard maths questions.