Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Holly class

Holly class is taught by Mrs Pearce with the help of Mrs Lau. This year there are 19 children in Holly class. 

Friday 23rd February


Today we were like Sid the spider linking together everything we have written already to create a newspaper front page. It has a headline, picture with a caption, logo, body of the text, a lead paragraph and speech.


We have started to learn about light in science. We know about different light sources; man made or natural. We know that some objects look like light sources but really they are reflecting light. The moon is not a light source but reflects the sun's light.


We went on our first swimming lesson at Surrenden Pool. For some people it is their first time in the water but other people are already in the deep end.


In PE today we worked like Bertie the bee in pairs. We were dancing!