Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Holly class

Holly class is taught by Mrs Pearce with the help of Mrs Lau. This year there are 19 children in Holly class. 

 Friday 13th October

This week was very exciting because we had a special visitor on Tuesday.

Neil is an expert on the Romans and particulary the Roman army. He has a replica solider's uniform and a scutum (shield), pilum (javelin), gladius (sword) and a helmet. We all learned lots and had the opportunity to dress up as soldiers.

When we come back after the half term holiday we will be writing our own class book about the Roman army.

Friday 29th September 

It has been a really busy week in Holly class. We started the week with some quizzes in maths to find out what we could remember about number and place value. Later in the week we practised writing numbers with digits and words.


In English we have learned more about the life of Iliona and Apollo. We thought about different word classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs) and labelled pictures from Iliona's life with them. Today we began to write a diary pretending that we were either Apollo or Iliona. Mrs Pearce was very impressed with our independent writing.

 We have been like detectives thinking about how historians learn about the past. We used books to do some research and answered questions using a timeline.

 During the week there have been lots of lovely events linked to National Poetry Day. We had a special assembly on Tuesday with very talented poets and a poetry assembly led by Yr 5 and 6 on Thursday.

Phew we have been busy!


Friday 22nd September

We have learned a lot of maths including counting up in 50s.


We have learned about Apollo and Iliona's journey. We did some role playing. Ellie and George pretended to be Apollo and Iliona and the class asked them questions. We found out more about their lives.


Friday 15th September

This week we found a bundle outside of our class room. It contained an ink pot, a nib and some old paper.













We then found a picture from a girl called Iliona and we have been reading her diary. 

In maths we have been learning how to add and take away 1, 10 and 100 from a 3 digit number and order numbers on a number line.

We have started to learn about history and when events happened.

It has been a busy week!