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These are the questions that are most often asked at the school office.
Thank you to Mrs Haines for knowing all the answers!

When should my child arrive at school?
Breakfast club runs from 7.45
am and costs £2.00 and no booking is needed in advance. The playground is opened and supervised from 8.30am. All children should be in the playground ready to line up at 8.40am.

School dinners
Can I pay weekly or online for school dinners?
School dinners are paid for online using the parentpay website. New children will be given logging in details when they join the school.
What does my child do with their snack money?
Each class has a lock box that in which children can put their snack money for the morning then collect it at break time. There is fruit available at break times at a cost of 20p.
Can child swap between packed lunches and dinners?
Yes. They just need to remember to order their lunch at registration with their teacher in the morning.

Can my child attend clubs?
Clubs run for a term at a time. At the beginning of each term a letter is sent out with all the information about clubs for that term. All applications need to be made by the closing date and all applications received by the date are treated equally. A letter is sent to confirm whether or not a place has been given.
Does my child need to register for Breakfast Club?
No. It is run as a drop in club. Children need to arrive from 7.45am (and as soon after 7.45am as possible) with their payment of £2.00. Breakfast Club finishes at 8.30am when the children join the others in the playground.

Can I come to an assembly? 
We have our special Child of The Week Assembly each Friday at 2.30pm. All parents and carers (and grandparents etc) are welcome to attend.

What is the school P.E. kit? 
Your child should leave their P.E. kit in school so that it is available to them. Children need a plain white T-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls. Children may prefer to have trainers and a track suit top/bottoms in colder weather. At the end of each half term P.E. kits are sent home to be washed.
When is homework due in? 

Homework is due in on Wednesdays in upper school (Years 5 and 6) and in on Thursdays (Year 4). Homework is set for everyone on a Friday (Years 4,5, and 6).

Year 3 children are given a grid of homework activities at the start of each half term. The children are expected to complete 20 points of homework over the half term choosing from a variety of 35 choices. Homework is due in at the end of the half term however children are encouraged to bring in tasks regularly to celebrate achievements with the class.

My child has lost their homework. How can I find out what it is?
Homework is always posted on the website. It can be found in our Learning across the school zone which can be clicked from on the opening page.

What if my child is ill?
Please contact the school before 10am on the first day of absence and send in a note when your child returns to school. If your child is off for a few days, please keep in touch.

I never get letters. Where can I find them? 
Hertford News is produced every Friday. These and the parent letters sent home are emailed to parents and posted on the website. 

Where do I pay for trips etc? 
Children should be bringing their slip and payment in a sealed envelope and handing them in to their teacher first thing in the morning.

Can my child bring a mobile phone? 
Mobiles are not allowed in school, but should you need your child to have one for after school, then it must be named and handed into the office for safekeeping.

Can I help in school? 
We love to have volunteers in school on a regular basis. If you might be able to help, please contact the school office.

I've got lots of other questions, where can I find the answers?
Take a look at our parent handbook (available on the website) and the website or just ask!