Hertford Juniors

Small school big learning

Eco council

Each class has an eco councillor who attends eco council meetings and takes parts in activities organised by Mr Pearce. The eco councillors are elected by their class mates.

In the last academic year the eco councillors met with Caroline Lucas MP for a Hertford Juniors question time.

They also attended a biosphere conference alongside other schools in Lewes. We have the first ever community composting scheme based in a Brighton and Hove school and the eco council have been involved in publicising the scheme.


November 2015

This term our new Eco-Councillors have been involved with making Pebble Poetry for the playground. This is a way for the children to make a free playground resource which enables them to have fun and explore and experiment with words.

Last week the Eco-Councillors planted two apple trees in the school grounds: a James Grieve and Discovery variety. This means that hopefully for years to come the pupils and staff of Hertford will be able to enjoy tasty, healthy snacks and the environment will benefit from having two more trees on the school grounds.

In January we will also be able to Wassail our new apple trees!